[PATCH 0/5] dns: Add authority record to replies

Kai Blin kai at samba.org
Wed Aug 5 06:48:15 UTC 2015

On 30/07/15 13:24, Kai Blin wrote:

Ok, after some more digging..

> But also it looks like nsupdate keeps sending SOA requests and not
> liking our reply. I'll investigate a bit more to find out what the heck
> it's expecting.

Something between `make testenv` and calling nsupdate with SOCKETWRAPPER 
seems to be misplacing the UDP packets from the server. Both `nsupdate` 
as well as `nsupdate -g` work just fine against an actual Samba AD DC 
provisioned outside our test environment. Ok, `nsupdate -g` complains 
about the TSIG coming from the server, but that's an unrelated bug.

The PCAP file captured by socketwrapper in `make testenv` also looks 
identical to what happens on the wire for a real system, but `nsupdate` 
still keeps resending the SOA request and not seeing the reply until it 
gives up claiming the name server could not be reached.

So, seeing how that is an unrelated issue, can these patches go in now?


Kai Blin
Samba Developer    http://samba.team

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