[PATCH][PYTHON] Fix replPropertyMetaData sort order for schema extension attributes

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Aug 5 06:36:05 UTC 2015

Hi Andrew,

>> I'm looking...
>> The first questions:
>> - Do we have a test that checks the objectClass sorting against the 
>> server
>>   (and passed against windows)?
> No, not currently.  We should have it check that the correct
> attributeID is added, that it is sorted, and that when entries are
> modified, replaced or deleted, that the version is incremented. 

That an answer to the wrong question...

My question was about the sorting of objectClass values:

Can you initialize alpha_sorted to NULL in the declaration we had a
number of security
bugs related to unitialized pointers already...
The code would also look much clearer if we would have:

struct class_list *unsorted = NULL;
struct class_list *sorted = NULL;
struct class_list *alpha_sorted = NULL;

Instead of the spaghetti:

struct class_list *unsorted = NULL, *sorted = NULL, *current = NULL,
        *poss_parent = NULL, *new_parent = NULL,
        *current_lowest = NULL, *current_lowest_struct = NULL,

>> - Please add BUG: https:... tags to the commit messages
>>   We want to backport this at least to v4-3-test and v4-2-test, but
>> maybe also to v4-1-test...
> The key is to backport 61b978872fe86906611f64430b2608f5e7ea7ad8, then
> these to fix up broken databases. 
> The big remaining issue is that our msDS-IntID handling is totally
> broken.  We use that only when pushing the values over the network with
> GetNCChanges, but not during storage in replPropertyMetaData.  This
> means for the an object with the same attribute modified on two servers
> we can end up with metadata for an entry twice, once for each style of
> attributeID.

Ok, do we have bug reports for all this problems?


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