browse.dat file

rac8006 at rac8006 at
Wed Apr 29 19:19:34 MDT 2015

After doing some investigation.  I've found that about every twelve minutes the process
process_local_master_announce procedure.  This procedure also calls update_server_ttl
Both of these procedures sets subrec->work_changed to true.  The update_server_ttl 
updades the ttl value.  but this value is not stored in the browse.dat file.  Yet it sets the 
work_changed to true.   This causes the browse.dat file to be written.  The process local_master _announce
procedure either does a create_server or remove_server or updates  the record.  It should
write the browse.dat file id it creates or removes data.  But most of the time it is updating
the record with the same data that is already in the file.  Why does it have to open a new
file.  Write the data.  Close the file. unlink the file.  chmod on the file.  then rename the
file to browse.dat.  Every twelve minutes.

The WD MY Cloud NAS  after 10 minutes of no disk writes.  puts the disk in standby mode.
Then two minutes of so later it wakes the disk to rewrite the browse.dat file.
Why can't the file only be written when it changes.


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