Trying again at using the python samba_kcc

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Thu Apr 16 07:06:41 MDT 2015

Hi Douglas,

On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 04:20:06PM +1200, Douglas Bagnall wrote:
> >>>;a=shortlog;h=refs/head/kcc-intersite-8
> >>> [...]
> >> Can you look over this updated branch:
> >>;a=shortlog;h=refs/head/kcc-intersite-10
> > I'll have a look at the changes (delta between master and this branch) when I
> > can and will follow up.
> As you can see, we have a monotonically increasing series of branches,
> due to some ping-ponging between developers. Our current favorite is
> so please look at that if and when you can.

I've only had a quick look and read through the first set of changed files.
Some superficial comments:

* please follow the style guidelines:
 - no lines over 80 characters
 - PEP8: spaces around equals signs
 - PEP8 : empty line before first method in class definition, and two empty lines between
   top level objects like classes
 - PEP8: "not foo" rather than "foo == False"
 - PEP8: Please use single-line summaries in docstrings, and document parameters

* some unit tests for kcc would be nice, at least for some functions

* samba.ldif_utils seems misnamed - it seems like it's more samba.samdb.ldif_utils?



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