Trying again at using the python samba_kcc

Garming Sam garming at
Wed Apr 15 22:41:44 MDT 2015

Hi Matthieu,

On 14/04/15 17:58, Matthieu Patou wrote:
> To be fair I thought that the script was almost ready for prime time 
> that's why I thought we could switch to it, obviously given the list 
> of patches it was far from being that :-).
We had much the same impression. We assumed the intra-site generation 
side of the script functioned more or less, and the only remainder of 
the script to implement was inter-site topology generator. However, 
after running the script (and on a real topology that we created), did 
we find a number of existing issues that were significantly more subtle.

In particular, what's helped us a lot has been the creation of .dot 
graph files which could show the topology visually and all the created 
connections. A number of the commits are extending these dot files so 
that we could easily look at differences in our generated topology and 
the existing one. I imagine that these files would also be fairly useful 
for diagnosing issues running the samba_kcc at their own sites.

It definitely has been quite a bit of work, but hopefully we'll be able 
to have people using it sometime in the near future.



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