Inconsistency in calls to SMB_VFS_STAT ...

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at
Tue Apr 14 10:52:20 MDT 2015

Hi folks,

When helping someone who is doing a VFS module recently, I noticed an
inconsistency in the what that SMB_VFS_STAT is called:

1. When a share is first connected to, Samba calls SMB_VFS_STAT on the
absolute path that the share is declared to be at.

2. On all other cases (I believe) it is called with a pathname that
relative to the root of the share.

I can document this in the VFS documentation, but it would be nice,
perhaps to have a flag passed to stat that tells the module writer if
the current call is for Samba's internal purposes (absolute path name)
or for a user request (relative path name ).

Does anyone have any strong feelings about this either way?

Richard Sharpe

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