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Dennis Wright raincoast-dennis at
Tue Sep 23 15:35:50 MDT 2014

I have a Samba server running on Centos 5, to which I have mapped 2 network
drives from two XP machines and two Windows 7 machines.


All is working well, except:  one Windows 7 machine duplicates the share
under multiple drive letters, all pointing to the same place.

Drive Q: goes to the main share: "Share", and drive R: points to my database
folder within that first share: "Share\Data".


But I see all sorts of extra drive letters mapped back to the main
share.basically all the 'unused' ones (T:, S:, W:..)


Also, on that (funky) machine when I browse the Network in the Explorer, I
also see lots of weird shares that point to the same place:

                ShareName                        -as it should be

                    -same place




etc etc.

It's as if Samba is offering up these shares all by itself.

This only happens on one Win7 machine, the other Win7 machine is fine, as
are the XP boxes.

Any ideas?



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