[PATCHES] Various cleanups and minor restructuring

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Fri Sep 19 03:29:59 MDT 2014

This cleans up various things around the tree, with a slight focus on

I'm not sure of my strategy of pushing some of the things that came
from util_str.c back there again.  CTDB needs some functions from
util.c, doesn't want to be bothered with charset, and doesn't use
util_str.c, so it works for me.  However, CTDB also wants some of the
functions remaining in util.c that used to be in util_str.c, so I'm
being inconsistent... but practical.  :-)

If what I've done with idtree.c - in particular the creation of idtree.h
- seems like a useful cleanup, then I can easily push patches that do
something similar with many of the other files in lib/util.  I've
already done most of the hard work.  Personally, I would be incredibly
happy if samba_util.h just included individual .h files, and if nothing
in lib/util actually included samba_util.h or includes.h.  This would
make the dependencies within lib/util clear and would make the whole
thing more maintainable.  It particular, it makes it easy to identify
the pieces that depend on things outside lib/util.  It would also mean
that samba_util.h could be included as a standalone header, without
having to guess at what needs to be included before it.  After all, it
is a public library...

Review and push appreciated.  Thanks!

peace & happiness,
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