[PATCH] vfs module for VxFS - updated patch.

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Wed Sep 17 10:59:32 MDT 2014

Hi all,

After Andrew's comments on the EA issue, here
is a revised version of the Symantec VxFS
patch I'm happy solves all the problems
he raised so I've added my 'Reviewed-by:' to it.

I added extra hooks :

+       .getxattr_fn = vxfs_get_xattr,
+       .fgetxattr_fn = vxfs_fget_xattr,
+       .listxattr_fn = vxfs_listxattr,
+       .flistxattr_fn = vxfs_flistxattr,
+       .removexattr_fn = vxfs_remove_xattr,
+       .fremovexattr_fn = vxfs_fremove_xattr,
+       .setxattr_fn = vxfs_set_xattr,
+       .fsetxattr_fn = vxfs_fset_xattr,

and also modified the module to filter out any
attempt by callers to get/set/list the
user.NTACL EA name used internally by
this module.

This means the module now shows best-practice
and demonstrates how to filter out an EA name from
the underlying namespace so it can
successfully be copied by others :-).

Second Team reviewer welcome !


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