[PATCHES] Samba utility/subsystem build and include updates

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Wed Sep 10 04:58:24 MDT 2014

More patches in my work towards a combined Samba+CTDB build.

This series mostly contains Samba changes that are needed to get a
clean, standalone CTDB build against Samba's lib/util and

I think the first 7 patches are uncontroversial - just fixups.

The remaining patches remove the includes.h dependency from generic
code: samba-debug, samba-util, lib/crypto, dynconfig, charset,
tdb_wrap.  Some patches add the use of basic system includes that are
already used elsewhere in the code and look to be acceptable.
Currently includes.h is taken from either source3 or source4 (or, soon,
ctdb) and that doesn't seem correct for generic utility code...

All but samba-util are quite straightforward.  For samba-util I've also
created a new subsystem called samba-util-core that contains all of the
samba-util code that doesn't depend on samba-specific (i.e. source3/4)
code.  This patch series doesn't touch any of the other lib/util code.

It is hard to think of another way of doing this without changing
samba-util and breaking the OpenChange build.

I have further patches that do a lot of cleanup in lib/util but I don't
want to dump them on the list just yet.  I'd prefer to get the
standalone CTDB build and an integrated build working first... perhaps
before Samba 4.2 branches.

Please review and (perhaps!) push if OK.  :-)

These patches are in my samba-build branch:


peace & happiness,
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