winbindd: Add option to preserve case of user names and groups

Alexander Werth werth at
Mon Sep 8 08:39:01 MDT 2014


I've encountered an use case where the enforced canonicalization of user
names and groups to lower case by winbind creates problems and written a
patch to make this optional.
The use case is the generation of user names from uid's and gid's for
NFS4 ACLs on a system using winbind as nss backend.
NFS4 clients are typically not case insensitive unless they are using
winbind as well. In particular some nfs4 clients use nss ldap to resove
the same names winbind get's from the AD.
If the winbind on the server enforces lower case user and group names
these names will not be recognized on the clients.
Doing the canonicalization to lower case allows to cache the reverse
lookup entries of the name to id lookups.
Apparently an earlier attempt to always remove the enforced
canonicalization to lower case had been rejected.
Since both ways have their advantages I added an option to preserve the
case of user names and group names.
The default is to behave as we do now and not preserve the case.
The attached patch applies to samba master.

Please share your thoughts or concerns.

Alexander Werth

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