patches for bug #10472 - pidl / perl lib path

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Fri Sep 5 00:54:34 MDT 2014


as a side effect this also fixes the dependency tracking in
this allows us to avoid the ugly always=True!

I'll push the 1st part today and the 2nd part next week.


> attached find a two-part patchset to fix bug 10472 for good.
> The problem of bug 10472 is that samba installed the pidl
> perl modules into a hard-wired directory below the prefix,
> which was fine for non-/usr prefix installs but created
> problems with fhs-/usr installs (distro packagers) that
> want the pidl perl modules in a standard perl module path.
> The first patches solved this by introducing
> "--with-perl-lib-install-dir" option to wafadmin,
> by default setting the "perl_lib_install_dir"
> to the perl reportet "vendorlib", "sitelib" or "privlib"
> directory by default.
> Then perl modules would be installed to the perl_lib_install_dir.
> These patches are already upstream.
> While this works, it has the negative effect, that by default,
> the perl modules are not installed into the prefix but into
> a system path. This should not be!
> In particular one can't install as non-root.
> One other problem with the "--with-perl-lib-install-dir"
> option was that pidl would not find the modules
> when installed into an arbitrary path.
> The attached patchset created in pair- and ping-pong-programming
> with Metze, changes the behaviour this way:
> - pidl is adapted at install time to always find
>   the perl modules wherever they are installed.
>   (by replacing the standard "use lib ..." line.
> - perl modules are installed into:
>   - perl's vendorlibdir if prefix equals perl's vendorprefix
>     (usually "/usr")
>   - ${datadir}/perl5 otherwise
>     (datadir is usually $prefix/share)
> - the "--with-perl-lib-install-dir" option is removed again.
>   More precisely, the changes to wafadmin/Tools/ are
>   reverted and the old options from that module are not used
>   any more at all.
> This way, we always have a sane and working installation
> path for the perl modules and these are fhs-compatible
> for distro packagers and don't need to fiddle with the locations
> via configure parameters.
> The patchset comes in two parts:
> - the first part does all the above changes but leaves
>   wafadmin as it is.
> - after pushing the first part, the build farm needs to
>   be adapted (to not use the --with-perl-*-install-dir options)
> - the second part removes the options and reverts the wafadmin
>   changes.
> Review / comment / push appreciated!
> Cheers - Michael

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