wafadmin changes and upstream status

Ralph Böhme rb at sernet.de
Wed Oct 29 08:44:22 MDT 2014

Hi all,

for the archives: here's a list of commits that modified stuff in
buildtools/wafadmin/ and whether the fix is available in upstream waf
1.5 or master:

                                                                           1.5 master
64f5e24 build: fix ordering problems with lib-provided and internal RPATHs +   +
f8c179b build: allow some python variable overrides                        -   -
319c2d7 waf: parse LDFLAGS from python                                     +   +
e1a819e wafsamba: python-config is not always a script.                    -   +
0231575 waf: Make samba "ok" with directories for install being symlinks   -   +


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