Patches to upstream for uid_wrapper

Andreas Schneider asn at
Thu Oct 9 00:58:40 MDT 2014

On Wednesday 08 October 2014 22:29:03 Matthieu Patou wrote:
> Hello Andreas,

Hi Matthieu,

> Andrew did 2 patches that are needed in order to run make test with
> address sanitizer

the first patch is incorrect. I've pushed a correct fix upstream. As there is 
no release yet it hasn't been backported. I will do a new release soon. Robin 
Hack has some bugfixes for threading support in preparation.

For the second patch I already gave NAK and sent details to Andrew. So here 
they are for your and the rest.

You can turn off address sanitizer for certain functions!

So we can simply blacklist the functions in uid_wrapper and socket_wrapper 
which are problematic.

Create a file 'address_sanitizer.blacklist' with the following content:



Please fix it this way.


	-- andreas

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