Solaris: nss_wrapper: conflicting types

Andreas Schneider asn at
Mon Oct 6 03:17:40 MDT 2014

On Sunday 05 October 2014 19:24:33 Ralph Böhme wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Ralph,

> Anyone with an idea for an easy fix? I'm volunteering to implement it!

We need to first fix it in the uid_wrapper repository. Take a look at 
ConfigureChecks.cmake. In this file look for check_prototype_definition(). 
Then add the new define name in config.h.cmake.

After that it is #ifdef fun in src/uid_wrapper.c

As soon as a new uid_wrapper is released, all patches of this release are 
backported to Samba. A new release will be done after metze (or someone else) 
has reviewed the threading patchset from Robin Hack :)


	-- andreas

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