I/O pattern of smbd / optimization of disk subsystem

Jones jones.kstw at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 07:29:15 MDT 2014

Hello Heiner,

This link might be interesting:


2014-10-03 22:49 GMT+08:00 Heiner Lesaar <heiner.lesaar at googlemail.com>:

> Dear list,
> I am keen to learn more about the characteristics on how smbd accesses the
> disks in terms of request sizes. Does this depend on some of the smb.conf
> parameters (max xmit etc.) or on the negotiated protocol with the smb
> client?
> Can someone give me a hint on how to find out what the characteristic in
> my usecase would be? I read about blktrace and collectl as some of the
> suggested tools. Usage is mainly multiple, slow but big streaming reads and
> writes.
> My goal is to optimize the disk subsystem config (multiple raid5 sets)  to
> get the best performance from the disks without suffering from side-effects
> like read/modify/write penalties when the data isn't written in matching
> allocation sizes to hit the "full stripe" of the disks. Same for read
> processes obviously.
> Thanks in advance for any input on this!
> Heiner

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