Can not handle updates of type 255 yet

Cristian Galvani galvani.cristian at
Fri Oct 3 07:46:07 MDT 2014

​hi to all!
This morning I upgraded samba from 4.1.11 to version 4.1.12 (always Sernet
​ on centos 6.5​
) after this I enabled the
DNS Update
I read
​chanlog ​
that it should be solved the problem of objects not deleted)
Previously it was disabled because it does not ever diminish its size.
​I have 1 Master(all roles inside it) and 8 remote sites.

Everything works fine but occasionally I get this message:
"[3/10/2014 15: 07: 45.688730, 0]
   Can not handle updates of type 255 yet "
Of course I do not know if the size of the DNS will decrease in the coming
days I will verify​.

Regards to all

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