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Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Thu Oct 2 02:26:32 MDT 2014


This patchset, pushed to master yesterday,
is the core result of the work of
Chris, our this year's GSoC student.

As you can see when you compile master and run bin/samba-regedit,
he has done an awesome job in improving the basic regedit
he added during GSoC 2012.

Andreas and I have re-reviewed the patchset and only slightly polished
it. Now there are only a few patches left for integration. Those
patches add support for attaching to remote registries and
working on the source4-registry.

We had intended to have pushed the patchset before the freeze of
4.2, but just missed it very closely...

We will try to add this via a bug report.

Cheers - Michael

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Date: Wed,  1 Oct 2014 16:56:04 +0200 (CEST)
From: Michael Adam <obnox at samba.org>
To: samba-cvs at samba.org
Subject: [SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated

The branch, master has been updated
       via  fa9630e regedit: remove an old comment
       via  61cc518 regedit: print error msg if opening registry fails
       via  3b80f25 regedit: handle pgup/pgdn/home/end keys on lists
       via  b96c432 regedit: handle del and backspace in hexeditor
       via  3c6541c regedit: grow hexedit buffer as the user types
       via  4badab3 regedit: add a button to resize hexedit buffer
       via  8acb87e regedit: add a number input box
       via  5bbed3d regedit: don't expand single line text field buffer with cursor movement
       via  0076554 regedit: handle DEL key in text fields
       via  58db858 regedit: adjust some variable names to make them more distinct
       via  fd95b0a regedit: find previous items
       via  bcab659 regedit: search values and repeat search from cursor positions
       via  0924517 regedit: flesh out search dialog and simplify search opts
       via  982c06f regedit: don't use subwindows in hexedit
       via  c272178 regedit: use pad as a canvas for dialogs
       via  cc22cb5 regedit: clear value list after creating new key
       via  1b6445a regedit: use the right function to reopen a hive
       via  061d3e9 regedit: move cursor to edited value in list and report edit errors
       via  a728c39 regedit: Introduce a new API to build the dialogs.
       via  30ae8f1 regedit: improvements for hexedit
       via  42df2e6 regedit: add padding to fit REG_MULTI_SZ to the text field
       via  c94c765 regedit: simplify cleanup after loading children
       via  fec275a regedit: add a panic handler to restore terminal
       via  f9a2f2e regedit: make all hives descend from a root node
       via  41d5112 regedit: add a refresh command to clear cache and reload current path
       via  5732d3f regedit: reopen key after editing or removing values
       via  75045f0 regedit: reopen parent keys when adding or removing subkeys
       via  2a8beb9 regedit: set cursor after creating a new key
       via  baf491f regedit: set cursor to the parent node when ascending
       via  aba2b04 regedit: don't fail loading keys if just a few are unavailable
       via  df36fe7 regedit: include error description in popups
       via  0b334dd regedit: notify user if there's a failure loading subkeys
       via  5566251 regedit: handle awkward window sizes better
       via  c85cc6b regedit: use talloc typesafety features
       via  d38eba5 regedit: restore list cursor when window is resized
       via  ec6a7a7 regedit: make value list display data in multiple columns
       via  7ad7536 regedit: add multicolumn list widget
       via  0ab07cb regedit: add search feature.
       via  b8b8350 regedit: add a color scheme for path and context help sections
       via  bd8abef regedit: sort keys
       via  b5d0eb8 regedit: free value list subwindow
       via  c79837c regedit: add borders around key and value lists, and change headings
       via  b48f081 regedit: add padding for key labels when there's not a prefix.
       via  994f1ed regedit: add white on blue color scheme
       via  7e7c649 regedit: silence some warnings
      from  0fbce14 loadparm//init_copymap: Add braces around if/for blocks to match coding style




Summary of changes:
 source3/utils/regedit.c           |  483 +++++--
 source3/utils/regedit.h           |   18 +-
 source3/utils/regedit_dialog.c    | 2738 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
 source3/utils/regedit_dialog.h    |  204 +++-
 source3/utils/regedit_hexedit.c   |  243 +++-
 source3/utils/regedit_hexedit.h   |   38 +-
 source3/utils/regedit_list.c      |  591 ++++++++
 source3/utils/regedit_list.h      |   82 ++
 source3/utils/regedit_samba3.c    |    4 +-
 source3/utils/regedit_treeview.c  |  552 ++++++--
 source3/utils/regedit_treeview.h  |   29 +-
 source3/utils/regedit_valuelist.c |  401 ++++--
 source3/utils/regedit_valuelist.h |   35 +-
 source3/wscript_build             |    2 +-
 14 files changed, 4125 insertions(+), 1295 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 source3/utils/regedit_list.c
 create mode 100644 source3/utils/regedit_list.h


Samba Shared Repository

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