Question on short/mangled file name.

Hemanth Thummala hemanth.thummala at
Wed Oct 1 17:33:12 MDT 2014

Hi folks,

I could see the short file name generated by Samba(3.6.12) is different
from windows.

For example, a folder named "This is large folder". Samba generates the
short name something like TYP843~9 where as windows gives as THISIS~1.

I found that smb.conf parameter(mangle prefix) which controls the prefix
characters. I have changed that to 6. Even after that samba generate the
name as THIS_I~K. I did not see any param to control the postfix. Mangling
method is set to default one (hash2).

Would like to know the reason for choosing different name generation
compared to windows. Not sure if some of the old windows versions are
generating this way. I am comparing with windows 2k8 server version. Also
would like to know if this is been addressed in samba 4.X. We are currently
running 3.6.12 stack.

This incompatibility of short names is actually affecting windows client's


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