Adding a node to CTDB: Order of config vs installing and configuring the new node ...

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at
Tue Nov 25 15:13:24 MST 2014

Hi folks,

Some documentation at says, with respect to adding a new node:

Procedure to add a node:

1, To expand an existing cluster, first ensure with 'ctdb status' that
all nodes are up and running and that they are all healthy. Do not try
to expand a cluster unless it is completely healthy!

2, On all nodes, edit /etc/ctdb/nodes and add the new node as the last
entry to the file. The new node MUST be added to the end of this file!

3, Verify that all the nodes have identical /etc/ctdb/nodes files
after you edited them and added the new node!

4, Run 'ctdb reloadnodes' to force all nodes to reload the nodesfile.

5, Use 'ctdb status' on all nodes and verify that they now show the
additional node.

6, Install and configure the new node and bring it online.

However, it seems to me that the installation and configuration and
even the bringing on line can be done before stem 1, as long as we do
not start ctdb on the new node.

Does that sound reasonable?

Richard Sharpe

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