Registry configuration looks cool, but how do you orchestrate things in a cluster

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On 2014-11-17 at 11:47 -0800, Richard Sharpe wrote:
> The registry-based config looks really cool, but how do you sequence
> things when you are bringing a cluster up?
> Eg, you have to get CTDB up.
> Then you have to join the domain on one node.
> Then you have tell CTDB to bring up Samba and Winbindd on all nodes.
> Also, how does Samba notice that a new share has been defined etc.

You should consider registry config just as another
source for configuration data, an alternative to the
smb.conf text file. The main differences are:

- registry config changes are available on all
  (active) nodes in a cluster immediately
- due to the design of the registry database store,
  each parameter in a share can only be given once
- due to it being stored in a  database, the registry config
  can be loaded partially. This is used to only load
  shares on demand instead of loading all shares at
  the start.

Samba currently uses the same mechanisms to load
text config and registry config, i.e.

- the samba daemons perodically pick up a changed
  config. (this can be forced by
  "smbcontrol <target> reload-config")
- a new client tcp connection automatically gets the
  new config (in particular new shares)

==> So with respect to picking up new share definitions,
    registry config is not different from text config.

I hope these explanations help.

Here are a few hints to stuff I wrote on registry config:

- the man page section on registry config:

- an early article on registry config:
  (published in Uptimes #2/2008, ISBN 978-3-86541-300-0)
- a linux magazine article:

Cheers - Michael

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