Added note about the support end of Samba 3 to WHATSNEW.TXT

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at
Thu Nov 6 12:50:55 MST 2014


attached a patch for 4.2 WHATSNEW.TXT.

Currently there are still rumours, that Samba 4 is "AD only" and people
stay at 3.6, because they have to e. g. to keep their NT4 domain. We
often see this rumour on the mailing list. With the final release of
4.2, the 3.6 series will end and I think, we should add a statement to
the release notes, that 3x users can just update to 4x without migrating
to AD.

I think the press will announce this and we can get this rumours out of
the world easier and help people to move to a more recent version. This
is, why I think this note should be one of the first topics in WHATSNEW.TXT.

Please proofread and push if OK. Thanks.

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