[PATCH#2][2nd REVIEW?] fake data io module for samba

Peter Somogyi PSOMOGYI at hu.ibm.com
Mon Nov 3 05:49:05 MST 2014

> That means any read return is sending uninitialized allocated
> server memory contents out onto the wire.
> Now that might be OK, as this is a test module - but at the
> very least that needs to be documented I think.

Well, that's why I wrote already in the man page:
+       <para>This <command>fake_io</command> VFS module intercepts file 

+       read/write calls and does nothing for read (no operation, gives 
+       back undefined data) ...

> That way you have to set:
>    "fake_io:expose server memory contents = true"

If it causes less security concerns, then OK let me add this. Or at least 
enables measuring the memset penalty.
Will send the next patch soon.

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