Announcing the release of fedfs-utils version 0.10.2

Chuck Lever chuck.lever at
Tue May 27 09:13:01 MDT 2014

This package contains an implementation of the Federated Filesystem
(FedFS) Proposed Standard for Linux. For an introduction to FedFS, see
RFC 5716.

This is an ALPHA quality release.  The code in this release is not
guaranteed to work.  Programming, administrative, and user interfaces
may change significantly before the next release.  This release is for
technology preview only.

Changes since 0.10.1:
	• Fix bugs in nsdb-jumpstart
	• Numerous fixes to error handling paths
	• Introduce basic support for Coverity analysis

Changes since 0.10.0:
	• Address packaging issues

New with fedfs-utils 0.10.0:

Non-backwards compatible changes:
	• *ldaperr removed from libnsdb API
	• ADMIN client tools no longer use AUTH_NONE security
	• ADMIN client tools no longer exit with FedFS status code

New features:
	• Python package PyFedfs added
	• Tool for configuring FedFS domain root directories
	• Tool for setting up NSDBs using OpenLDAP
	• Simpler NCE discovery (compliant with new FedFS NCE I-D)
	• admin_t API for performing remote ADMIN requests
	• rpc.fedfsd uses an ACL to control who can perform ADMIN requests
	• rpc.fedfsd and ADMIN tools support RPCSEC and Kerberos v5

Minor fixes:
	• fedfs-map-nfs4 handles multiple SRV records
	• Packaging simplifications
	• Dozens of code clean-ups and bug fixes; consult Changelog for details

Git repository available at:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master

The new head of the master branch is commit:

94a8179d Release 0.10.2

Patchwork available at:

Tarball releases available at:;a=summary

Chuck Lever

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