[PATCH] Add protocol version to smbstatus output

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Tue May 20 05:50:26 MDT 2014

Hi Mathias,

> Please review this small patch to show the protocol version for each 
> connection in smbstatus. 
> Thanks !

Can you use the strings which are used in smb.conf for the "server max

see enum_protocol in lib/param/param_table.c

        {PROTOCOL_SMB3_02, "SMB3_02"},
        {PROTOCOL_SMB3_00, "SMB3_00"},
        {PROTOCOL_SMB2_24, "SMB2_24"},
        {PROTOCOL_SMB2_22, "SMB2_22"},
        {PROTOCOL_SMB2_10, "SMB2_10"},
        {PROTOCOL_SMB2_02, "SMB2_02"},
        {PROTOCOL_NT1, "NT1"},


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