RFC2307 on a Samba DC - HowTo

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Sun May 18 16:26:11 MDT 2014

Hello Steve,

Am 18.05.2014 21:07, schrieb steve:
>  'Check if RFC2307 is enabled in your Active Directory
> If you have a working Samba Active Directory, you can check the
> following, to find out, if RFC2307 is already enabled:' 
> Marc,
> Your howto is misleading.
> rfc2307 is ALWAYS activated for a Samba4 DC.
> Your howto applies only if a user wishes to use windows to manage
> rfc2307. samba-tool and ldbedit can be used to manage rfc2307 without
> any special provisioning nor schema extension.

I did some changes in the complete HowTo, to be more specific:


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