Recent changes to autorid (was Re: [SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated)

Christian Ambach ambi at
Fri May 2 13:07:35 MDT 2014

Am 02.05.14 03:18, schrieb Jeremy Allison:

> I think idmapping has gotten too horribly
> complex over the years, and we need to
> get it back to as basic a setup as possible.

I think it was even worse in the past and things were cleaned up, but
there is still room for improvement. As far as I remember, Michael gave
a good talk about what has been achieved and what should still be done
in a SambaXP talk a few years back.

To the topic of discussion:
How about adding a pseudo domain WELL-KNOWNS that can be used in the
idmap configuration to specify which module should be used? We can then
also add a module that has hardcoded mappings for well-knowns inside its
given range.
In my view, this would be a rather straight-forward implementation and
easy to understand (at least easier then checking if the module you want
to use has special handling for well-knowns or not).
It would also not pollute the configuration with yet another new
parameter (parametric or not). But we would need to find a good name, I
do not think that WELL-KNOWNS is a forbidden domain name in Windows.


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