Building VFS modules out of tree

Jon Knight J.P.Knight at
Mon Mar 31 01:57:51 MDT 2014

On Mon, 31 Mar 2014, Richard Sharpe wrote:
> Now, with Samba 4.x it seems that they must make modifications
> somewhere and no one is showing them where or how.

When we built our VFS module we had a bit of a steep learning curve with 
WAF and I ended up having to hack it so that it exposed some extra 
parameters for building our script.  I posted these to samba-technical 
last year as a patch but was told that wasn't the way to do it.  As Samba 
is the only package I've come across that uses WAF and the documentation 
is a bit, er, "scant", I left it at that, as the patches we made worked 
for us and we've not (yet) given our code away.

If there was some documentation on the "right" way to build out of tree 
VFS modules for Samba 4.x with WAF I'd be interested to see it.


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