Advice on extending CTDB to support multiple NIC interfaces per node

Kevin Osborn kosborn at
Thu Mar 27 08:51:36 MDT 2014

Thanks Martin, that did the trick. Now the IP address just moves from one interface to the other when one link goes down.

Hosting the two IP addresses on the same node is required to allow us to provide two different paths to the same iSCSI targets. This means that these two IP addresses must stay together if the node fails entirely. Because of this we still plan to add a new tunable (but we will probably call it IP_ADDR_TUPLES instead of MULTI_INTERFACE_PER_NODE). We will also add a new ip_alloc_ip_tuple_interface() to the ctdb_takeover_run_core() function. And finally, we would add a new configuration file that would list the valid IP address tuples that any node can host. This file would be saved on the cluster file system.

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Hi Kevin,

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> Thanks for your help. I tried using the interface list after each IP, but both IP addresses on a node are failed over whenever any single interface goes down on a node. I would have expected the IP from the down interface to have moved to the "up" interface on the same node. Instead all IPs are moved off of that node.

Please try setting:


in your CTDB configuration.

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