[PATCH] Make loadparm more common

Garming Sam garming at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Mar 26 21:04:55 MDT 2014

On 21/03/14 13:00, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Thu, 2014-03-20 at 13:12 +1300, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>> On Thu, 2014-03-13 at 16:08 +1300, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>>> Garming,
>>> I'm really impressed by the patches you just showed me at
>>> http://git.catalyst.net.nz/gitweb?p=samba.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/loadparm-talloc-polish-second
>>> Aside from these small comments, easily sorted out, can I get comments,
>>> thoughts and perhaps a second team reviewer for this?
>> These issues have been fixed up, and I've uploaded it to gerrit.  The
>> series starts at https://gerrit.samba.org/#/c/97/ and finishes at
>> https://gerrit.samba.org/203
>> Most of the earlier set of patches have been reviewed, but these still
>> need a second reviewer:
>> https://gerrit.samba.org/#/c/156/
>> https://gerrit.samba.org/#/c/157/
>> https://gerrit.samba.org/#/c/119/
>> https://gerrit.samba.org/#/c/158/
>> https://gerrit.samba.org/#/c/159/
>> https://gerrit.samba.org/#/c/160/
>> Also, the new changes start at https://gerrit.samba.org/166
> It looks like we still have some issues with the change across to
> talloc, which was always going to be the most delicate part of this
> patch series.
> A bisect shows that the s3dc environment fails to start with
> commit 9ea68b9f954dac6b222bf6d63cf7329d40659310
> Author: Garming Sam <garming at catalyst.net.nz>
> Date:   Fri Feb 14 12:46:41 2014 +1300
>      s3:loadparm: change memory allocations to use talloc
>      Change-Id: I9503eee037eadd07c4dd8f5481f65b569dc2dac8
>      Signed-off-by: Garming Sam <garming at catalyst.net.nz>
>      Reviewed-by: Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org>
> Sorry,
> Andrew Bartlett

The issues regarding the s3dc have been fixed. It stems from an issue 
where the talloc context for the globals exists independently from the 
service pointers.

The changes are in:
git://git.catalyst.net.nz/samba.git loadparm-talloc-polish-secondv2


Apologies for being unable to put this in gerrit, it seems to be having 
some issues processing the changes.

Please review and push.


Garming Sam

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