[PATCHES] CTDB 11.natgw cleanup, static routes support, tests

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Sun Mar 23 23:20:59 MDT 2014

This set of patches adds a new configuration variable
CTDB_NATGW_STATIC_ROUTES to allow the NAT gateway code to use static
network/host routes (instead of a default route) to reach
infrastructure.  This can be useful when there's an inconvenient
default route pointing elsewhere.

The patch set does a few things:

1. Add tests for the existing 11.natgw functionality

   Always good to make sure the new feature doesn't break anything.
   Also, my broken implementation for "promote secondaries" broke NAT
   gateway but we didn't have any tests so we didn't notice.

2. Clean up 11.natgw in a few steps

   Pull some code out into functions, make function names consistent,
   reformat some code, ...

3. Add support for CTDB_NATGW_STATIC_ROUTES in a couple of steps

   First without custom gateway per route, then with.


Please review and push if OK.

These patches are in my ctdb-11.natgw branch:


peace & happiness,
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