Samba 3.5.1 crashes on receiving specific hand shake message from Windows AD 2008

Adarsha S s.adarsha at
Fri Mar 14 05:09:03 MDT 2014


I'm having samba 3.5.1 installed on my debian linux machine.
On doing "net join", my linux machine gets added to windows 2008 AD server
under computers and works fine.
In the AD server, on right clicking on my device name under computer I get
the option of reset account.
After selecting this , "net join" on linux machine samba crashes and
generate net core file.

On capturing the message could make out ,the NetrServerAuthentication2
response message received from the windows AD server has return status
But samba is expecting STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.Due this samba is crashing.

Currently my system is having samba-3.5.1 release.

Do we have any patch to over come this crash issue.
Please let me know the detail


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