LDB: schema syntax comparison

Clement Wong cw at clement.hk
Wed Mar 5 18:15:16 MST 2014

Hi metze/Andrew,

How is this going?
I run into a 8418 mismatch problem and it seems to be cause by this
issue, any progress on this? Can it make it into 4.2?
This is really important for us, and I would love to help testing.


On Sep 12, 2013, at 2:41 PM, Simo <simo at samba.org> wrote:

> On Thu, 2013-09-12 at 09:48 +0200, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
>> Hi,
>>>>> exception is raised during provisioning:
>>>>>> ERROR(ldb): uncaught exception - attribute 'dn': value #0 on 
>>>>>> '@ATTRIBUTES' provided more than once
>>>>> And I think this is index-entry related?
>>>> Not necessarily, in any case it is a bug that needs to be addressed
>>>> properly.
>> I think I have some patches which are ready for master.
>> First I fixed some const compiler warnings.
>> The const changes don't really change the ABI, right?
> No, but they may break compilation because you change the API.
> I would rather not bother to change the const, they are advisory at best
> anyway.
>> For the @ATTRIBUTES object we use ldb_schema_attribute_by_name("@")
>> to get the default syntax for all attributes as
>> they're already verified in ltdb_check_special_dn().
>> I've changed ldb_msg_find_val_schema() to return
>> case.
> Looks good to me in a general way but have not had time to really drill
> down, I would like to see another reviewer take a look.
> Why 1.2 btw ?
> Simo.

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