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> > Hello, Andrew
> >
> > I am a 2nd Year Mathematics & Computing Engineering Student from Delhi
> > Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering), INDIA.
> >
> > *Proficiency in C: Intermediate*
> >
> > Python: I don't have the Knowledge of Python (I would study If Required).
> Python would be critical, see as an example how the password lockout
> code is tested with python in the patch series I published recently:
> This is the "This project of course includes the development of unit
> tests." element of the task.
> > *Current Status: Researching on the Idea, Reading Documentation,
> Exploring
> > Samba & LDAP.*
> >
> > I am pretty much enthusiastic to work for this Samba Project as it seems
> > Interesting to me.
> > "Implement login / logout related counter update"
> > *(Though I have not finished up with my Research)*
> >
> > The Moment I saw Programming Language Required is C, this doubled up my
> > adrenaline rush, to be a part of Samba as a Open Source Developer.
> > I have gone through the wiki page of Samba GSoC & I could make out that,
> > the most preferred language of Samba is 'C'.
> > So, that's enough for me (technically) to contribute.
> I look forward to seeing your application, but I would also suggest that
> if you don't yet program in python, that you would need to particularly
> clearly describe how you expect to handle the unit testing side of this,
> and may wish to apply to another project that does not have this
> requirement.
> Please also include examples of your work in C, a description of the
> LDAP attributes that would be involved and links the the relevant
> elements in the WSPP documentation.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Bartlett
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> Andrew Bartlett             
> Authentication Developer, Samba Team
> Samba Developer, Catalyst IT

 Hello Andrew,

I have Uploaded the Proposal for Samba SoC 2014:

Kindly, provide your feedback for further improvement of the proposal.

How I will handle unit testing side:

As far as Programming in Python is concerned for developing the unit tests,
I am planning to do that in Perl. If, in case that is not feasible then I
am Going to learn the required part for testing in Python (that's an easy
task), well before the Project will start.

I have been working for quite some time in C, basically on my College
Server, which involves closed source projects, that is the reason I have
not been able to include my previous works in C in my Proposal. I am in
talks with one of my professors, for getting the permission for providing
me with the source code of my past project.

& I have been Examining the LDAP Attributes that would be involved for
the  Workgroup Server Protocol Program.


With Regards,


*Amit Kumar2nd Year, Mathematics & Computing EngineeringDelhi Technological
University (Formerly DCE)Contact No. +91 9811522423*

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