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Saket Sinha saket.sinha89 at
Wed Mar 19 11:22:40 MDT 2014

Hi Richard,

Please find my response inline-

>>1. To modify the Samba VFS to support change notify if the underlying
>>file system supports it? In this case, it is my understanding that the
>>VFS already contains such support.

The VFS supports this feature but according to the patchsets that I
went through in which Al-Viro ripped support for the same in CIFS,
there are changes needed in the VFS to bring it back to CIFS. This is
my understanding after going through Al-Viro's patch. Correct me, if I
am wrong.

You can follow the discussion from the Samba mailing list at the below
link for the same-
 under the thread "[linux-cifs-client] [PATCH] cifs: remove dnotify
thread code "

>>To modify the CIFSFS to pass through change-notify events to
>>inotify requests that applications might be using?

If I can understand your question correctly, I can only answer that
inotify support has to provided in the lower filesystems too not just
the VFS(which it currently has) to enable this feature.

Saket Sinha

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