[PATCHES] CTDB bug fixes and improvements

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Tue Mar 18 16:40:18 MDT 2014

[PATCH 1/7] ctdb-daemon: Fix tickle updates to recently started nodes

  A pair of recent updates introduced a race in the tickles update
  code when a new node starts.  This fixes it.

[PATCH 2/7] ctdb-eventscripts: Attach to persistent ctdb.tdb in

  Stop statd-callout from complaining about a missing TDB.

[PATCH 3/7] ctdb-daemon: Do not disable monitoring when running

  Eventscript code is lower level than general monitoring so should
  keep its finger out of this.  It will need to when we have a
  separate eventscript daemon.  ;-)

[PATCH 4/7] ctdb-eventscripts: Fix regression in IP add/delete

  Oops.  I didn't read my own comments in the code before updating it.
  This broke NAT gateway.  Tests for NAT gateway are coming soon.

[PATCH 5/7] ctdb-tests: Improve tickle tests

  Now more reliable...  :-)

[PATCH 6/7] ctdb/daemon: Make delete IP wait until the IP is released
[PATCH 7/7] ctdb/daemon: Optimise deletion of IPs

  Deleting an IP is asynchronous, which is not what reloadips expects.

Please review and push if OK.

These patches are in my ctdb-misc branch:


peace & happiness,
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