[PATCH] Fix bug #9878 - force user does not work as expected.

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Mon Mar 17 16:18:57 MDT 2014


I finally tracked down the cause of bug
#9878 - force user does not work as expected


You were correct, my git check-in 86d1e1db8e2747e30c89627cda123fde1e84f579
was the cause. In fixing that I used the wrong
session_info pointer to call check_user_share_access()
inside make_connection_snum().

Now I understand the problem the fix is
obvious (change the call to check_user_share_access()
inside make_connection_snum() to use the same
session_info pointer that is used
inside change_to_user() to potentially
check access on every packet). Now both
calls check in *exactly* the same way,
and in my testing the correct functionality
from 3.6.x is restored.

Please review and push if you're happy.
I have versions prepared for 4.1.x and
4.0.x once it's in master.

I'm picking you for the review as you
wrote in the bug report:

"Ok, great! I'll also happily work/collaborate on this."

:-). Once this goes in we should really
decide on some tests to ensure we can't
regress on this again.


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