Interested in contributing to Samba through the GSoC

Marta Sequeira at
Thu Mar 13 19:46:08 MDT 2014


I'm a student from Portugal taking my master's degree and I have experience
managing Samba servers and also working with Windows Active Directory,
although I've never worked with the Active Directory capabilities
introduced in Samba 4. But since I'm familiar with both worlds, and after
reading your GSoC ideas, I got very interested in participating with one of
the following ideas:
- Make samba 4 DC Group Policies (GPO) aware
- Add (lib)smbclient server-side copy support

So I would like to know where do I go from here and what other recommended
knowledge should I have to work on any of these projects besides the
requirements stated in your GSoC ideas page.

I know both C and Python, and I've worked with git multiple times.

Any help for the initial push will be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,
Marta Sequeira

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