Gsoc newbie interested to work with Improve buid farm lok and feel

krishna teja perannagari krishnatejaperannagari at
Thu Mar 13 08:51:02 MDT 2014 show test coverage buildfarm uses lcov the display not so 
appealing can we use any other front end to display the statistics in another 
way we can make our own code that does it without effecting build farm.

2.Well in the ideas they have given ajax to improve the page speed how does 
ajax help in this situation. Ajax is “the method of exchanging data with a 
server, and updating parts of a web page - without reloading the entire 
page.”but buildfarm doesnt take any input,it is just hyperlinks. is there any 
way to change the information even when there is no input like websites show 
live score so whenever the new results are obtained by processing build log 
files they are automatically reflected.

3.well i guess the build farm is slow because starting and initialising 
application using cgi takes time.We can use fastcgi that uses persistent 
process so the overhead of starting new process is avoided.porting it would 
be very essy from cgi

4.You were talking about separate daemon that process build logs as soon as 
they come and add to database then when a new request comes the already 
existing information in the database will be read without any processing.but 
even here the overhead of starting will be there any way of doing it 
by combining with fastcgi

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