Gsoc newbie interested to work with Improve buid farm lok and feel

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Sat Mar 8 07:13:28 MST 2014

On Sat, Mar 08, 2014 at 12:11:24PM +0000, krishna teja perannagari wrote:
> Went through the code you sent.thanks it was very informative.I wanted to ask 
> some things:

> 1.The project mostly requires front end development and some amount of python 
> knowledge to understand the format of builds.
For the web side of things, this is true.

Some of the other improvements require changes to the Samba code base

> 2. is the page dynamic i.e is any server side scripting used because i always 
> see the same percentage always.The percentage has to change depending on 
> builds too.what is the reason for loading slowly
The page is dynamic, but there is some caching involved.

When you load a summary page, the build farm will process any of the
build log files that have not yet been processed and add summary
information of it to the database. See the SQL file for the database

One way of speeding it up would be to have a separate separate daemon
that processes the build logs as soon as they come in.

> 3.did u get any complaints regarding flaky messages.what was the context they 
> sent.I just want to know when the results sent  were useless
Yes, we do get flaky build emails every now and then because
individual build farm hosts are wedged (e.g. out of disk space).

I'm sure other folks here can provide you with examples; it's been a
while since I've received any.

> 4.well i thought using a authentication system along with normal build farm 
> method will also be useful so that many more hosts will make use of this 
> feature.
What would you like to use authentication for?


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