[PATCH] rpc_client: retry open on STATUS_PIPE_NOT_AVAILABLE

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Tue Mar 4 04:34:58 MST 2014

Hi David,

> Windows Server starts some named pipe services on demand, and responds
> to initial open requests with STATUS_PIPE_NOT_AVAILABLE. The FssagentRpc
> named pipe on Windows Server 2012 exhibits this behaviour.
> This change sees rpcclient retry named pipe open requests when the
> server responds with STATUS_PIPE_NOT_AVAILABLE. The retry logic is
> contained in an asynchronous tevent_timer callback, to allow for
> non-blocking callers.

Can you explain this more detailed please?

What triggers the start of the service?

Do you have some captures?

Is STATUS_PIPE_NOT_AVAILABLE only returned if the service already
started, but is not ready to handle io?

Or is it returned for any non existing named pipe?


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