[PATCH] some fixes for waf issues

Christian Ambach ambi at samba.org
Mon Mar 3 13:51:12 MST 2014

Am 20.02.14 21:41, schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
>> Thanks. Unfortunately, one of the HP-UX machines in the buildfarm is
>> still unhappy.
>> The attached patch should fix that, can you please have a look at it?
> That looks fine.  I've pushed them.

Thanks for that!
Unfortunately, hpgris8 is still unlucky as it fails in the linking stage:
[3646/3746] Linking default/source3/rpcclient/rpcclient
ld: Unsatisfied symbol "in6_addr_to_sockaddr_storage" in file
1 errors.

Seems like that is a HAVE_IPV6 define missing in the code
that was added with
8e4a786 gbeck at sernet.de s3:rpcclient: add witness command

Gregor, would you have a look at this please?


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