GSoC 2014

Chan Min Wai dcmwai at
Mon Mar 3 05:13:22 MST 2014

Dear yugalsachdev,

Thank you for interested on this.
I don't think that I should reply the email but ... I did

As far as I know what you can do is to.

   1. Read on
   2. More to read
   3. Pick more if that interest you...
   4. Get the source (git)
   5. chat on #samba-technical on
   6. Test on your patch, (better including way to test it)
   7. Start submitting patch on the issue you are interested on.

Hope this help :)

On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 6:31 PM, yugalsachdev <yugalsa at> wrote:

> I am interested in the following project ideas:
>  1)Implement login/logout related counter update - (C programming required)
> 2)Add (lib) smbclient server- side copy support - (I have some knowledge
> about samba server + C programming required)
> 3)Create a GUI for creating and managing Linux cifs mounts, and more easily
> configuring the many complex cifs mount options, statistics (/proc/fs/cifs)
> - (Scripting required ... but the idea is interesting and doable)
> So please guide me so that i can start working on above projects .

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