MIT Krb5 KDC in the AD DC

Andreas Schneider asn at
Mon Jun 30 10:38:02 MDT 2014

On Thursday 19 June 2014 15:03:24 Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> G'Day Andreas,

Hi Andrew,

> I'm just wanting to touch base with you as to how we can progress your
> MIT KDC efforts?

there were no efforts during my vacation. Günther just rebased the code. We 
will be back working on this and proposing patches by the end of this week 

We will try to write together what to look at and where we see that we need 

We know that what we have isn't perfect and some things are ugly but we know 
were we need to rewrite code again to make it cleaner.

So we will try to bring it in a state it is easy you know what to review and 
then have an explanation of the code we think is not ready yet.

Maybe we can have a chat next week then.


	-- andreas

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