Proposal to remove zlib from the Samba tree.

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Mon Jun 30 09:15:13 MDT 2014

Am 30.06.2014 16:46, schrieb John P Janosik:
>> On Sat, 2014-06-28 at 08:37 +0100, jelmer at wrote:
>>> I like the idea of removing it and always using the system zlib. 
>>> Please make sure that the build farm hosts all have zlib installed
>> in a way that Samba can use it.
>> It would be very useful to know what systems don't have (and can't
>> reasonably get) the needed version of zlib on them, to understand the
>> best approach here.
> AIX does not ship with zlib and IBM does not provide a supported/recent 
> zlib package for download.  We use Samba as file server only and our Samba 
> 4.1.X builds are using the Samba zlib.
>> While zlib is 'only' needed for NDR_COMPRESSION, that is in turn used
>> for DRSUAPI, which is used in the source3 client as part of net rpc
>> samsync, so it isn't easily made an optional dependency. 

I'd just update our copy of zlib. That should be much less work
than trying to make it optional.

From IRC:

17:04 < ira> metze: Dealing with the zlib stuff.
17:04 < ira> I suspect it isn't manditory... But I'd love your feedback
17:04 < metze> I'd preferr to just update our copy of zlib
17:05 < ira> metze: Why, if you don't mind my asking?
17:06 < ira> I'm not against doing so... I just want to make sure I
understand why we're keeping it vs. getting rid of it.
17:06 < metze> because I guess it's too much work to make that optional
17:06 < metze> it's used deep within out ndr code
17:06 < ira> Yes, I see that... but only client side.
17:06 < ira> There is no server code that supports it that I see...
17:06 < metze> ndr code is generic
17:07 < ira> On the sending side..
17:07 < ira> source4/rpc_server/drsuapi/dcesrv_drsuapi.c: 186.
17:09 < metze> we just not pretending we support it
17:09 < metze> but we should in future after some testing
17:09 < ira> I never said we shouldn't :)
17:09 < metze> librpc/ndr/ndr_compression.c
17:09 < metze> supports pull and push
17:10 < metze> and getting ndr_ errors, just because we don't have
compression available will generate strange bugs
17:11 < ira> Does it use XPRESS or MSZIP if you have both?
17:12 < metze> and the application layer has no chance to handle this
problem in a sane way
17:12 < metze> now it just use one of it
17:12 < metze> it prefers XPRESS
17:12 < ira> Ok, so if we disable MSZIP, nothing should notice...
17:13 < ira> But I agree the errors will be horrible, mainly because
you'll be unsupported compression method.
17:13 < ira> getitng.
17:14 < ira> (And trust me... the easier path is to just upgrade, I
understand that.)


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