semi-colon [;] used in password during net join resulted in failure of net join

Garming Sam garming at
Mon Jun 30 00:08:29 MDT 2014


I'm pretty sure you are. I think you just need to escape the semicolon. 
I just tried it myself.

Use symbol\;123 and that should hopefully work.



On 30/06/14 18:01, Adarsha S wrote:
> Hi All,
> While doing net join with password having semi-colon was giving error as
> shown below:
> /root # /usr/bin/net join -U winson%symbol;123 -s
> /var/samba/smb.conf.primary
> cannot join as standalone machine
> /bin/sh: 123: not found
> I would like to know if semi colon is allowed in user credential password?
> Thanks,
> Adarsha

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