[PATCHES] Fix userParameters once and for all

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Sun Jun 29 15:57:43 MDT 2014

Hi Andrew,

>>> This patch series tries to fix the userParameters issue once and for all
>>> rather than just papering over it by increasing the malloc buffer.
>>> This ensures that Samba stores the userParameters array in the same
>>> way the windows client uses it, as a 'UTF-16-LE' buffer (sort of, the
>>> data is not actually unicode).  
>>> The only thing not done in this patch set is to have our LDAP server
>>> convert on output, but Microsoft assures us that this can not be
>>> relied on anyway, as the data is not UTF8 nor can it be transformed to
>>> UTF8 with certainty.
>>> Please review and push.
>> I'll have a look at it next week...
> Any thoughts?

I really would like to implement this like windows and provide
the utf8 view over LDAP. Otherwise it's not "once and for all".

A while ago I started a test check the LDAP/SAMR interaction.

It isn't just a start and we need to extend it to also check DRSUAPI.

Once we have tests which demonstrate the real bahavior we might decide
to leave out some features.

Do we have real world examples where the userParameters field is set to
values which can't be represented by utf8 in a lossless fashion?


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