Few technical questions

Antun Horvat mail at antun-horvat.from.hr
Sun Jun 29 09:29:37 MDT 2014

Dear Samba Team,

I have a few technical questions about samba CIFS implementation. These 
questions are by my opinion very important since their misunderstanding 
directly affects stability of CIFS server.

Does the Samba oplock code works? I have read a mailing list and found 
many occurrences of corrupted MS Office files and the resolution of that 
was to disable oplock code. I find it hard to believe it that Samba 
after all those years did not manage to fix the oplock code, and at 
least write few unit tests that emulate MS office behavior.

What are proper socket timeout defaults? In few cases I had a small 
network glitch which resulted in MS clients reconnect to FS server via 
new socket, but Samba for some reason for a long time kept the old smbd 
process opened and as a result a client was not able to open a file 
until I manually killed the stale smbd process. After that I have set 
the  'reset on zero vc' to yes and these issues went away.
Why isn't this property by default set to yes, and why aren't socket 
options set to values that are matching Windows ones?

Is there an ability to a byte range lock via libsmbclient, since I would 
like to write a distributed test suite for Samba FS that would test
oplock code and maybe finally stabilize it.

After all that being said, I must say that I am really amazed by the 
work you are doing, and wish you all best in future development.
Sorry for my English,

Best  Regards

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