Where Samba has come from and where it might be going

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Tue Jun 24 03:56:33 MDT 2014

I decided to listen to the audio to some SambaXP talks, and I wanted to
mention particularly the words John had to say at the end of Dan's talk
on Samba.  John's words start at 36:49.


It is really amazing to think where Samba has come from, to where it is
now, and all the careers it has supported, accelerated and (in my case)
essentially made.  

It is great to see Samba in so many places, so many devices, and it is
great to be excited about where it could go next. 

I'm glad to be on the Samba project, and I'm proud of where we are and
where we came from.  

I'm proud of our association with OpenChange, and of the OpenChange
project, and that we can support with good infrastructure the great work
going on there.  (If Samba rides to success on the wings of OpenChange,
all the better, but it will rightly be OpenChanges's glory).


Andrew Bartlett

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