[PATCHES] Convert gencache to dbwrap to enable mutexes

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Sat Jun 21 02:20:44 MDT 2014

Hi Christof,

>> While having a look at it I may found a problem with mutexes and ctdb.
>>         /* only pass through specific flags */
>>         tdb_flags &= TDB_SEQNUM|TDB_VOLATILE;
>> in db_open_ctdb() seems to completely useless (or wrong).
>> ctdbd_db_attach() is called before and gets the raw value of tdb_flags.
>> It has only has effect for
>>         db_ctdb->wtdb = tdb_wrap_open(db_ctdb, db_path, hash_size,
>>                                       lpcfg_tdb_flags(lp_ctx, tdb_flags),
>>                                       O_RDWR, 0);
>> So I think we can just remove tdb_flags &= TDB_SEQNUM|TDB_VOLATILE; above
>> and let lpcfg_tdb_flags() remove TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING when adding TDB_NOMMAP.
> The two patches at the end of the changeset implement those changes.

Thanks! I'll try an autobuild on a machine with mutex support next week.


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